Triple Play Testing

Gain Competitive Advantages in a Dynamic Market

Triple Play delivers a combination of data, voice and video services to consumers over a single access-wire and backbone. Business VPN services are often carried over the same infrastructure in parallel. Designing and implementing a converged network -- often multi-vendor -- to include multiple services, is a challenging task. It requires interdisciplinary knowledge of many technologies and a holistic understanding of the components, goals and interaction between the various pieces.

EANTC's experienced team is at home in all layers and aspects of triple play testing, ready to support your company during network design, proof of concept tests and acceptance tests. We understand that implementations need to be verified for performance, scalability, security and availability in complex and realistic scenarios. Our aim is to verify that your network design and equipment of choice are able to support your business goals and thus, enable you to provide flexible, cost-efficient triple play services with a competitive quality advantage from day one, protecting your investment and ensuring that it scales with a growing customer base.

EANTC test service building blocks can be combined and flexibly adapted to individual needs. Specifically, our performance tests focus the following critical triple play network components:

  • Backbone/PE Routers
  • Data Gateway Components
  • Access/Aggregation Infrastructure
  • Customer Premises Equipment
  • Video Testing/Multicast distribution
  • Voice over IP
  • SNMP & Management