WLAN Testing

WLAN scalability, services and performance testing

Wireless LANs (WLAN) are evolving rapidly and start to play an important role in enterprise networks as well as public areas. As it becomes a cornerstone of mobile computing, the setup of the WLAN requires careful network design, implementation and performance testing to guarantee the targeted business benefits.
The implementation of security, resiliency, and robustness requires a certain level of performance which is especially challenging. At the same time, the deployment must be time efficient and cost effective.
EANTC evaluates existing networks, helps plan new WLAN installations, and verifies conformance, interoperability and performance of the complete infrastructure as well as selected parts or systems.
Our offers include dedicated services allowing us to focus on your specific requirements. This includes the performance testing of end-to-end business services, end user performance testing as well as scalability aspects. To ensure that your WLAN infrastructure is well protected against intrusion and data theft we offer sophisticated security and penetration testing as well.
WLAN network operators who offer a wide range of applications such as data, voice or video in various environments will benefit from our extensive performance testing. Such operators include:

  • Enterprise WLAN Operators
  • Public WLAN Operators
  • Exhibition WLAN Operator

Comprehensive Test Areas

  • Traditional WLAN
    EANTC can estimate and predict the performance of large installations prior to installation by emulating clients and concurrently testing dozens of access points and WLAN switches. EANTC can not only verify the conformance, but also measure the maximum station capacity, throughput, and handover performance of your APs. We are able to perform functional security testing in order to assess the implemented authentication methods and ciphers such as WPA-PSK with TKIP, WPA2 with AES-CCMP, or Shared Key with WEP.
  • Service and Network Quality Assurance over WLAN
    EANTC verifies the service capacity at a specific QoS level of a WLAN network supporting mixed traffic including voice, video and data. E.g. EANTC can determine the Voice service capacity for a specific voice call quality of a WLAN network by measuring R-values (MOS score) and both real-time and historical (i.e., trend analysis) R-value variations.
  • IEEE 802.11n WLAN
    If you are about to make a purchasing decision and need to evaluate the offerings of 802.11n equipment from various vendors, EANTC will help you to take an optimal decision by testing the equipment and providing you with results.
  • AAA Infrastructure
    An integral part of WLAN network deployments is the Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting infrastructure.
    EANTC can verify your AAA infrastructure by measuring the AAA server session capacity, session rate performance, and authentication delay with different load conditions in the network.
  • WLAN Backhaul
    The WLAN APs and their controllers are interconnected via wired networks. EANTC offers performance tests based on RFC 2544, testing throughput, delay, and frame loss of your WLAN backhaul.

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