Individual Workshops

In addition to our MEF-CECP Seminars and MPLS Seminars, EANTC offers technology and testing methodology workshops tailored to individual requirements and preferences.

For each EANTC workshop, our team prepares individual presentations, white board sessions, exercises and review blocks in collaboration with our customer:

  • During Presentation modules, our experts present technology topics from EANTC's independent position - starting with basics, going to advanced concepts, including latest developments and trends.
  • White board modules feature discussions of how to apply technology, based on fictional (or customer-specific) application use cases. The recently gained knowledge is solidified by applying it to realistic network design challenges.
  • Exercise modules make use of our state-of-the-art lab in Berlin. Participants can use their acquired skills as hands-on training is an integral component of all EANTC workshops.
  • Review modules supplement the training, enabling participants to test what they have learned. EANTC prepares daily or one-time questionnaires covering the seminar contents.

EANTC delivers workshops at our offices in Berlin, Germany, or at any customer location worldwide. One or more topics can be picked from the list below to define a scope:

  • Carrier Ethernet network design strategies for business applications
  • Carrier Ethernet network design for mobile backhaul applications
  • Interconnection of Carrier Ethernet wholesale services
  • IP/MPLS and/or MPLS-TP network design
  • Structured troubleshooting: Monitoring and analyzing different traffic streams in Carrier Ethernet and/or MPLS networks
  • Definition of test execution as a formalized process
  • IPTV - Challenges, Design, Security and Infrastructure
  • IPTV and Multicast deployment considerations

Any questions?
All our seminars are cost-effective solutions to your training requirements. For more information please contact us via E-mail or phone +49.30.3180595-0.