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Wide Area Network Tests

Reliable performance of your Wide Area Network is absolutely necessary for your business continuity. Our performance tests will expose flaws in your WAN and any issues that may threaten your business. We will verify that your service provider adheres to the requirements contracted in the service level agreement (SLA).

Our Performance Test Offer

  • Measure the performance i.e. latency and throughput of your WAN links connecting branch offices with your headquarters.
  • Accomplish a stability and functionality test of the QoS features to protect your real-time applications from impairment.
  • Verify switch-over functionality and time in case of network failures.

Benefits for Enterprises

  • Run efficient and failure-free operations based on your performing and reliable WAN links.
  • Get the right services from your service provider according to the SLA you are paying for.
  • Ensure communication quality by an appropriate service class concept for business critical applications.
  • Reduce risks of out-of-service times to ensure your business continuity.
  • Avoid investment into under-/over-sized infrastructure and thus costly and extensive claim management.

WAN Tests

  • Performance - verify the maximum possible bandwidth and the packet transport delay
  • QoS - verify the correct classification and prioritization of your WAN traffic
  • Failover Behaviour - verify if your failover scenario works as configured and how long it takes to switch over to your back-up link