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MPLS Testing

Standards compliance testing, performance testing and interoperability testing  of MPLS Routers and MPLS networks

MPLS is the de facto carrier networks transport technology. The success of MPLS is based on its inherit business oriented services, its SONET/SDH-like high-availability mechanisms and the high performance the standards offer. MPLS' traffic engineering capabilities allows carriers world wide to converge services to a single platform and network thus reducing OPEX while at the same time offering more services. Robust fault detection and resiliency mechanisms enable carriers to position MPLS as true carrier grade solution and to offer business critical services. 

Equipment Manufacturers will profit from EANTC's MPLS conformance testing looking to ensure the viability of the product from the first day it arrives to the market. Not only does releasing standards conformant products to the market increases the devices potential to interoperate with existing network elements, but also reduces support engineers time and case management.

Service Providers & Enterprises introducing new MPLS based services, rolling-out of new MPLS networks or performing acceptance tests for new MPLS routers will benefit from EANTC's long years of MPLS testing experience and knowledge. EANTC will verify that a network design will meet your needs, validate MPLS router of choice and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the network will meet your customer's needs.

Conformance Testing & Interoperability Testing  - Our conformance and interoperability MPLS testing portfolio helps equipment vendors to improve their implementation as well as service providers to make the right decision before purchasing new devices:

  • MPLS Signaling EANTC verifies whether the implementation under test complies to MPLS signaling protocols and their extensions, which are:
    • LDP
    • RSVP-TE
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering
    MPLS Traffic Engineering enables optimization of network resources and helps service providers avoid network congestion which in effect will hinder the network's usage. EANTC will verify the complete range of MPLS Traffic Engineering solutions and verify your protocols implementations, intended network configuration and the accuracy of your reporting. Example protocols include:
    • LDP, RSVP-TE
    • MPLS DiffServ and DiffServ-TE
  • MPLS Based Services
    EANTC testing portfolio covers the whole pallet of MPLS based services and applications:
    • Virtual Private LAN Services
    • Virtual Private Wire Services for ATM, Frame Relay, TDM and Ethernet
    • MPLS Layer 3 VPN
    • MPLS FastReroute
    • MPLS OAM
    • Solutions for connecting services across multiple administrative domains

Scalability & Performance Testing
EANTC offers MPLS scalability and performance tests for a single device or a complete solution to equipment vendors as well as service providers measuring:

  • Max. LSP and services number
  • Performance based on RFC2544
  • MPLS FastReroute convergence times

EANTC has been testing MPLS protocols and routers since the standards inception by the IETF. EANTC has also been an active member of the IP/MPLS Forum and offer diverse testing options targeted at service providers and hardware manufacturers. For more then 6 years, EANTC has been organizing the MPLS Interoperability Test events at the MPLS World Congress in Paris, France. Through the interoperability events, EANTC has always stayed on the cutting edge of both protocols, implementations and the market's offerings.