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Peer-to-Peer Deep Packet Inspection

The European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) evaluates and certifies the performance and robustness of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) products with focus on P2P protocol filtering.

EANTC's test services in the DPI area are tailored made for:

Network Equipment Manufacturers benefit from EANTC's independent, unbiased tests for internal network quality assurance and product verification. If all performance tests pass, EANTC can issue a network certificate that the vendor may use for marketing purposes.

Service Providers & Enterprises

EANTC's commissioned tests verify that P2P filtering devices accurately filter P2P traffic without inflicting adverse affects on your well-kept and expensive network resources. The performance tests will validate up-to-date filtering capabilities to show that the device can effectively block all popular P2P networks traffic.

Performance Test Procedure

We prepare detailed test plans, based on our test catalogue and your individual requirements. The performance tests may be carried out in our lab in Berlin or at your site. An experienced team of test engineers and project managers will conduct the performance testing and provide a detailed report including network analysis and results interpretation, and technical recommendations.

Network Certification

If the product tests are 100% successful, we can, on request, issue a network certificate to the vendor and provide a press release and a "Tested by EANTC" test stamp logo for further company use.

Performance Test Catalogue

The test catalogue contains different test modules with a detailed definition of test conditions and parameters. To meet your testing requirements the following performance tests can be adjusted and new test cases can be created:

  • P2P Filtering Performance:
    Verify the maximum session load at which P2P traffic fails to be fully recognized.
  • P2P Filtering Performance Impact:
    Verify the maximum number of sessions the DPI device can handle without adversely affecting the traffic passing through it.
  • P2P Bandwidth Regulation:
    Verify how accurately the DUT regulates P2P bandwidth. Test the bandwidth regulation on a global, per user or per P2P protocol basis.
  • Throughput Performance:
    Measure overall throughput during high session load.
  • P2P Analyzing Accuracy:
    Verify the accuracy of the P2P traffic filters. Compare the reported with the transferred bandwidth of each P2P protocol.
  • Supported P2P Protocols
    Verify that the DPI device is able to detect all the latest P2P protocols such as BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, etc.
  • Resiliency:
    Verify the resiliency features of the device. Assure that the network infrastructure does not suffer from device flaws.

Your Benefits

For manufacturers, our network measurements confirm the quality of your product development. With the independent network certification by EANTC you demonstrate the high quality of your products to your customers. For network operators (service providers and enterprises), our evaluations ensure that your choice of product will meet your individual performance, reliability and scalability requirements allowing you to safely deploy the solution in your network.